Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Miami footbridge

The Miami footbridge

Last week in Miami/America there was a footbridge that collapsed
on passing cars. The concrete and steel from the footbridge
fell on the passing cars and some people were crushed to
death and seriously injured. The bridge that was built was
connected to two university buildings and was built above the
8 lane road.

The bridge was built after a 18 year old student that died
from a passing car last year.

Witnesses in the place came to help the injured.
There were 10 people that got send to the hospital.
The police had sniff dogs to locate survivors from under
the footbridge.
An aerial view of the collapsed bridge. Photo: Reuters

The footbridge was assembled in 6 hours connecting two
sides of the buildings of the highway. Ready made steel
frames and concrete slabs were used to assemble the
foot bridge. Such bridges are built in the past and time
tested for their safety. We are investigating the matter
and finding out where the negligence happened.

The disaster has left people in the state of shock and the
people of Miami describe it as a worst nightmare.

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